How many types of coraline are there?


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How many types/ colors of coraline are there? In my tank (I hope its all coraline) I have the dark purple, red (not cyano) , pink, orangish pink and just orange in small spots. Can anyone comment on what I have ? Sorry no camera...
I probably have about 5-6 colors of the flat-plating type, and several colors and type of the bushy coralline algaes. The bushy types dont get very big usually about 3 inches for a good size head. Some have branches about 1/8 inch thick and some have very fine branches and are almost flexible. Most of these are purple and pink. I live in Florida and go diving and see these on a constant basis. Some live in very bright light, mainly the very bright purple, and others that make shelves and encrust under bridges and under ledges. The bushy types like shallow water, so I would assume they like lots of light. Thats just the types that live around here so I would assume there are many colors from pale pink to scarlet red and purple. I have some that are chartruse, and one that is orange. Steve.