How much light?

First thing you have to remember a 1in clam doesn't need that much light. They need alot of phytoplankton(dt's or other). But as for lighting. Mh is best but if you really can't get mh then you can do pc(the strongest you can get) since it is a baby. But once it get past 3in I think that it would REALLY benefit from mh.
IMO you do not need a MH over a 12 gal tank as it can't be that deep. PC will work fine. MH over 12 gal of water surely would heat that amount of water up in no time.
A 1" clam does not yet posess the amount of Zooxanthalle algae to use the lighting to manufacture enough food for it's survival. You would need to dose alot of Phytoplankton(preferably DT's or another live phyto). Clams are filter feeders and cannot depend on light alone at a early age or small size.

The next problem you will have is you would overload your system with nutrients feeding your tank enough phyto to help the clam.

Now you could remove the clam into a separate container with tank water, feed the clam phyto and then return them to the tank when finished. This is going to be a large commitment, I hope you will be up to the challenge.

Next problem is the size of the tank. A 12 gallon nano, in my opinion is a very bad home for Tridacnid clams. Clams are not too hard to keep if the following rules are followed.

1) Keep the following stable.
a) salinity between 1.024 and 1.027
b) temperature 77degrees and 82 degrees
c) calcium levels between 350 and 450 ppm
d) ph levels between 8.0 and 8.2
e) a trace amount of nitrates maybe 5ppm or less
f) zereo nitrites
g) zero ammonia

In a 12 gallon tank, all the above can be very hard. Nano's are tough to keep stable. Unless your nano has a 50 gallon sump, I would suggest passing on clams for this tank.

It is not impossible to do, but it would be an uphill battle the whole way.

Best of luck, Rob
WOW, What a reply

WOW, What a reply


You by far get my vote as the best "replier" ever!!! Your answer was concise and to the point, not demeaning in any way and incredibly informative. YOU DA MAN!!!!!!

I have been feeding the little guy 1 ml of PhytoPlex once every 2 days. Also, I put in 2 ml of reef calcium 2ce a week. Finally, I do a water change of 1.5 gallons once a week. Salinity is 1.025 and temperature is 80degrees.

The little guy has been doing well for over a week now under the 18W 10,000 (1 blue, 1 white) JBJ power compacts. His leg is attached real well and he looks healthy. I will have to put a picture up tonight.

Any of your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks TONS!!!