How to make cal & alk


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Hey guys i know i've been asking too many questions but thats how people learn by asking, i want to know how to make calcium and alk in my house, i was reading about alk is made with baking soda but which brand is good and is it powder king..thank you guys for the help
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Don't worry about asking questions, we would rather answer a question like this, than one that starts out "HELP..."

Here is a great article that explains everything, its long, but its good.

And kalk will only maintain certain levels, if you want to replenish Ca and ALK you will need to use some type of two part solution.

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Arm & Hammer baking soda in the 6 pound bag from Sam's club or Costco is your lowest cost and good quality food grade product. As far as Cal goes buy it from Bulk Reef Supply (BRS).


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If you are a newbie, please consider taking it slow, with soft/hardy corals and no additions. You must develop a sense of equilibrium of your system, without messing with pH/alk/Ca...
Regular water changes should replenish everything. Only SPS dominated tanks require regular measured additions of elements (mostly calcium), are major PITA and should be left for experts. It is very easy to mess up and have a tank crash. IMHO...


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Thanks for the advice,i wanted to know how hard is to make the cheaper stuff.i've been taking it slow no life been kill in my system since i got it

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lalo, making your own is very easy. In the reef chemistry section there are excellent instructions. I find that baking the soda works best for me. As I live in a hot climate, I just order the calcium chloride from one of the sponsors.
I have enjoyed sharpening my chemistry knowledge as a byproduct of reefing too.