How would I do this Lighting & heater questions.


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I just purchased a ProfiLux controller and am waiting for it to come in,
along with a 6 way digital power bar, and ProfiLuxSimu-L flash Sticks.

I have Six T-5 bulbs wired with two on one power cord,
and the other four on a second power cord,

I'd like to set up my Lighting to run the two T-5:


and the 4 T-5's from Noon - 8pm

(10-am-10pm - Bulbs 2,2,4,4,6,6,6,6,4,4,2,2)

Though I'd really like to be able to be able to use them in the
sunrise/sunset calendar mode (changing day length by season etc).

I'd like to setup the ProfiLuxSimu-L flash Sticks into the mix to help soften
the transitions and to give the sunrise / sunset / moonlights function.

From playing with the software in Demo mode it looks easy to do the light timing as
hard times on and off, but can they do variable with the seasons?

Can I tie in the ProfiLuxSimu-L flash Sticks?

On a side note I currently have 1 heater (250 watt) I was thinking about
getting a second one and tying them to the same channel).

Do I just set the heaters to the highest temp I would ever want (i.e. 80f)
and then set the controller to control them to a lower temp (i.e. 77f/25c)

Thank you!


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This is all in the timer settings, once you get your ProfiLux you will be able to inteface better and it will make more sense.

For light timing, you have 8 channels available and in each channel you can set different on and off times. These channels are labelled illumination 1-8

With regards to the heater NEVER set a heater to max, only set it to 1 degree above the set temperature of the profilux you have chosen


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Yes I figgured this is how I would proabably have to the Illumination timers.

I have been reeding up a lot on this controller

It is open to a lot of possibilities.

I've been poking on the German sites but my german is quite poor.
(It is times like this I wish I would have studied German).

I'm sure once the controller shows up it will make a lot more sense.

Thank you.