i did something stupid


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I bought a True Tyree Undata frag for 70. I never would dip my corals but thought I better start since I am getting up there on the number of corals I have in my tank. I didn't do any research on how to dip. Just thought I would wing it. I dipped it for 10 min in ro water and here is where I think I made my mistake. I dipped it for 1 min in reef dip coral disinfectant at full concentration. I think I burned the flesh right off of the coral. Here is a pic.

You think it will survive or is it already dead? It was a really nice piece.. I'm so sad and stupid - lol.


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No worries. I have made plenty of mistakes before when I first started. If it's not peeling away, you might be good. I can see some polyps so that's a good sign. But that might not be enough... watch the piece closely and update us on how it's doing/

If you want to learn about dipping look up levamisole and potassium permanganate (KMnO4)

Best of luck


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The RO water did it in.

30-45 seconds in RO already is pretty good at nuking montiporas.

I like povidone or else Revive coral cleaner for dipping montis.


Ouch! Sorry to see that, Wes!

For me, FW dips have always been a no-no for SPS...even montipora. There's a chance it may fully recover in a few weeks, but that's a lot for a pretty tiny frag to go through.

Good luck!

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For me, FW dips have always been a no-no for SPS...even montipora.

Yep. FW for montis would be a total desperation move for known nudibranch infestations... no more than 30 seconds, and at that, there's a good chance of losing the coral. There are way better methods.

I heard about someone that FW dipped their new Purple Monster frag.... yikes!


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it was a good learning lesson. next time i will do my research. it is looking pretty bad, but i'll give it some time to see what happens.


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It probably won't make it, but I've seen corals come back that looked worse. For monti nudis I would use salifert flat worm exit as a dip at a high dose. And a wrasse.


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i've had success with tropic marin pro coral cure. i had one coral that was stn'ing cut off the affected tissue dipped and its doing fine now.