i didn't cycle....


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so i set up a tank and let it set for about a week. my friend was ripping his tank down and gave me some fish, coral, and equipment. so i was kinda stuck with just sticking em in the tank

it is now 2-3 weeks later and the tank had its algal bloom and now its gone. so my questions is, will this somehow come back and bite me in the butt later?

i started cycling with raw shrimp in the tank, then a week later i added the fish and such. i then put on a euroreef rs 100? not sure what model but i'm sure its overkill for my 30g + 20G tank.

i had an algal bloom, but it just went away about a week ago. without testing, however, i'm assuming that the tank cycled. so yes..will this come back to me?

or is cycling just a processs to prevent potential death? (all creatures still alive btw =)



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I wouldn't assume any thing with out some good test kits.

Hope this helps :) Hopefully someone has some more input on the topic.

Sorry for the edit misread the post :)


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if your friend gave you some live rock too, then it's possible you won't have much of a cycle. When I set up my 75, i used about 100lbs of curred live rock and saw no cycle, fwiw.

If nothings dead, then you're lucky. I would measure your nitrite and Ammonia levels (or not). If they're ~0 then you're good to go.