I think we're in


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Job well done guys. I'll be around more in time to come. Another blow at work and away camping this weekend. After that, I should have sometime to finally get this Reef up & running :) So I hope. I can't wait.

Monti-Mike is donating 30-35 gallons of cycled water to the cause! :) So I should be good togo!


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Ha Ha I found you!

Thanks Rainer for the tip - I would have never thought to actually LOOK for myself.

I promise I will behave.



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I don't have any gf in tanks anymore - just the pond. My tank is Jallards old 37 cube and I love it. Upgraded the lights and skimmer - but still have not been able to master underwater pictures. But I am still working on it.

I am not the horse girl - just fish.