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Can you cast your eyes over these results and let me know if I need change anything , I’ve already lowered po4 to 0.04

Test wody #8784848

W celu zapewnienia właściwej suplementacji, poziomu mikroelementów i pierwiastków konieczne jest okresowe badanie wody. Badanie ICP-OES pozwala również poznać poziomy substancji toksycznych i szkodliwych.

These are all Salifert kits that read

Temp 25.5
Salinity 1.026
Orp 192
Ph 8.1
Calcium 545
Mag 1410
Nitrate 4-10 ( ran out of regent but constant )
phos 0.08
Kh 7.7
Seems good to me. Phosphates a little high but it is really hard to test for since hobby grade test kits only read orthophosphate.
I honestly never test for it in my reefs only my macro algae tanks and water used for top off and water changes... If a algae problem pops up my phosphate is to high.
Plus is is consumed by most things is a reef.

iodine is a little low but that is common if you do not dose it regularly. Gone pretty quick in a reef.

Heavy metals seem inline except zinc.

I never test for it but Boron is a little questionable. It has uses in a reef and they are known.
I know I add it through my trace elements and it is in most salt mixes. I believe it is also part of some alk additives. Anyone else have a opinion here? I know it is needed in our aquariums but how much? I just like to keep stuff at NSW levels though but honestly I could not tell you what mine are.

I think the test looks pretty good maybe watch the zinc.
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Here’s for the thumbs up 👍
I was considering dosing some trace elements as I won’t be doing and water changes but I’m concerned some will get used and some will increase or is it really that balanced?
I add very little broad spectrum trace elements yea because I cant test for allot of it and yes things are used at different rates.
This is also why I do water changes.
I do wanted changes not only to add stuff to the tank but also bring stuff down and especially the stuff we can not test for or icp can not test for like allelopathy chemicals.
I’m of the opinion of keeping the big 7 stable (salinity,kh,calcium,magnesium,phosphates,nitrates , temp) should produce good results, maybe you can gain a bit extra colour or growth but will it be noticeable?
why don’t I see no3?

I do not know you would think it would be included. ICP can not test for it though.

Different manufacturers test for different things. They do not include all and some include stuff other don't.

Like KH is included in yours but they didn't test it with ICP. They did it the same way we do. ICP cannot test for everything.

ICP results can vary by how long before the water is tested. When you send a vial of water things are still happening in there. there is still bacteria activity going on and some bacteria death.

ICP Results are not the be-all and end-all. I do think they are great though and especially for finding things like heavy metals. I known many people who tanks were saved because they found out something is rusting in their tank. For me it is actually the only thing I care about in the tests,

There are also so many process in our tanks than can mask problems nutrient's and heavy metals and then leach them back later.. Like for example phosphates bind to calcium carbonate. You could have a phosphate issue and never know it. The rock and sand in our tank can mask the issue by binding them. I think it is the cause of those that have chronic cyano and algae problems down the road. just a theory but I believe some algae can uptake those nutrients direct from the substrate.
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