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Can someone help me ID this?
It's a giant booger

X2 what lotus said. IMO just let it be and let it find it's own way around. it will find the light on it's own
hey get a tank shot of the rock you have. What kind of flow do you have in that bad boy ??
your rock is looking alittle hairy.
It appears to be your typical carribean discoma sp. mushroom. Nobody is quite sure on taxonomy of some of the carribean mushrooms because the last taxonomic biologist to work in that field in the carribean was in 1922, so some things arent really classified.

In general, treat it like you would any other mushroom. From my expierence they grow a little slower than normal discoma sp. from the pacific but that can be a good thing. Just keep it in low/moderate flow and low/moderate light and it should prosper.