Identification of Odontodactylus


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I have just bought my first Mantis shrimp, and have been eager to get one for a while!

I am trying to determine if it is atrue Odontodactylus scyllarus...I've seen plenty of images of these and a couple live ones, but the one I have is so tiny, i really have no idea what it is...

it is only about one inch in length, and a uniform puke green color, slightly transparent...Physically it appears to be just like the Odotodactylus I've seen. Has anyone heard of one being this small??? It is a crusher, i believe. It pounds on the acrylic walls.

If there are ay special tips about keeping the mantis please express these ideas! I hope to keep him for a long time!
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I'd apprecaite any info there or on this board!
The Lurker's Guide is the best online resource:

I've got some limited mantis info at my website (click the signature below).

If you can take a quality photo, Dr. Roy Caldwell could probably ID it for you. His e-mail is at the Lurker's site. Or, you could do a search using his name and UC Berkeley.

Most of all, if you have questions, ask!

And don't listen to what that crazy Q-ball guy tells you, either :)

Welcome to the family!
You can always tell O scyllrus by the 'peacock' markings on the tail. O's that small are more often light tan than green. There are so many species.
As for care, I made a HUGE improvement in the health of my three mantis by changing thier diet from shrimp and krill to frozen fish food complexes like formula one and prime reef. I soak all foods in Selcon and vits. It takes a little while for them to get used to it but I believe its really worth it to give them a diet with a lot of complex protiens, vitamins and algeas. Then toss in a crab or a snail once in a while so he keeps his fighting spirit up. Give him a cool complex tunnel cave condo with lots of pathways to explore and he'll cruise in and out and round and round, good exercise and fun to watch.
If kept well fed, you can keep fish with him. I've had fish in all three of my mantis tanks for months. once they accept them as roomates it seems to work out. There's a small spotted puffer and a fire gobie in with my six ince male O, been ther for months now-I put in a black damsel the other day from another tank I'm cycling and he lasted about 48 hours. Have fun.
moviegeek said:
And don't listen to what that crazy Q-ball guy tells you, either :)
Hmmmm, I'm thinking I should take exception to this comment, but not sure why?:)

Congrats on the new shrimp Sean, they're cool. I'm thinking bout finding one to bring in to work to protect my desk:D