If you could only have ONE coral...


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Xenia. I don't have any in my tank, and having owned it in the past, I know the invasive pest it very easily becomes. BUT... if I could only have one coral in a tank, I think pulsing Xenia growing on everything would look pretty cool, especially with some clowns hosting in it.


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i think a 100% green star tank would be pretty cool. i've been debating making a solid floor of the stuff in a tank like one of the Japanese fresh water tanks.


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Only 1?

Pearl Green Bubble Coral.

Just so cool.




Cyprinius carpio
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I have been doing this in a 5.5.

I built the tank in June, 2010 and stocked it with a single 5 polyp zoa frag in December, 2010. This month's polyp count was 2502 and my plan is to cover all rock work so it will look like a single colony.

I have seen the gsp tank here and one other zoa tank that took a few years on youtube.


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If we are including nems, I would want a single purple gigantea.

Otherwise I would go with a neon green torch with purple tips. I would have to have some movement if it was just one coral.


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It would be close between green polyp toadstool and an elegance coral but the nod has to go to the elegance.