In Response to Refugium Post


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Hello again Eric

I posted you before about an Algae/Invert Refugium. You told me to eliminate skimming so I don't skim off my mysis larvae. I would assume the same would go for canister filter. Since I don't like chemical filtration the only option left is biological.

In my 55 gallon I plan on setting up a plenum underneath a deep, live sand bed, underneath lots of aquacultured live rock. I also plan on adding lots of worm cultures, along with Inland Aquatics detritivore kit. This 55 will be in a circulating water system with a 20L that contains lots of macro-algae, amphipods, and copepods.

-Would this be sufficient to run with good lighting and water movement, as long I do weekly water changes?

-Since I am creating a plenum, would I want to syphon from the sand, or create a storm and then draw directly from the water?

Again, thank you very much for you invaluable books.
Jugnu Zimpok Ahluwalia