Introducing So. Tier Reef Society


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I would like to take this opportunity to announce today's launching of the new Southern Tier Reef Society (STRS). STRS was formed to serve some of the special needs and interests of reefers/aquarists in the So. Tier and Northeast PA geographic region . This is not in anyway intended to represent a breakaway from URS and in fact we are urging prospective "members" to maintain their participation in the URS forum and activities as well as other forums/clubs in which they previously participated. Several major factors led to the development of this forum: The development of the Binghamton Zoo project necessitated a venue through which efforts could be coordinated among local reefers. Through this endeavor, we have discovered a number of local aquarists who for whatever reason shied away from participating in URS. The number of local reefers seems to be growing and some of the issues/concerns unique to residents of this area need a venue to facilitate interchange. We will also be endeavoring to host meets, educational and community outreach projects in this area. So I'd like to invite everybody to stop by the forum and say "hello". I also want to offer a special thanks to NRogers, the So. Tiker webmiester for creating the website that was crucial to help procure the forum/club charter from RC. This was all done in the last three days. And so, Happy Birthday STRS.


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Here is a link to our forum here on RC…

I just wanted to second what Jerry had mentioned about “This is not in anyway intended to represent a breakaway from URS”. I know both of us plan on remaining active members at URS meets and on these boards. This is an attempt to build on the growing interest of reef keeping in our area and to try to have more meets and get more members in the Southern Tier. That being said I took the liberty of linking to both URS and URSNY on our website. Once URSNY has their official website setup I will update the link to their new site. So stop by our forum and wish us well and I hope to see some of you at the frag meet this weekend!


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I'll see everyone at the frag meet tomorrow. We can discuss STRS, zoo project, "live rock" party and the nature of Bedouin Civilization and Ottaman poetry as it relates to the computer sciences (just seeing if any one is paying attention). And oh yeah, trading/selling frags, and checking out Peter's store.
Good luck with the new forum, guys.
When I saw the Binghamton zoo aquarium thread I figured it wasn't long before you made a move to streamline your communications.
Hopefully, you'll still drop by this forum every now and then.


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but of course i always like to see what's going on up all jokeing set aside you guys are great and full of fantastic knowlege that will never go untapped. i am always checking out both forums...thanks for your support gary..


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No worries Gary. You don't get rid of me so easily:) The child doesn't wander far from the parent.