Inverts for my tank?


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Having some larger wrasses has limited my invert choice by a bit. I could use some suggestions :) .

Tank is a FOWLR 155g and is 3 years old.

1 harlequin tusk
1 radiant wrasse
2 percula clowns
1 purple tang
1 fire coral moray (Gymnothorax miliaris)
1 golden dwarf moray (Gymnothorax melatremus)

Inverts I actually have are 3 tuxedo urchins.

Could I add something in the way of starfish or even a purple/orange reef lobster? Or would the lobster prey on my radiant wrasse when its sleeping in the sand? (my clowns host the overflow high above the sand, so I'm not so worried about them)

I also have a question about pistols. I used to have a mated pair of bullseye pistols and occasionally I'd have baby bullseye shrimp swimming around. I had them for a bit over 2 years but after I added my dwarf moray, they soon disappeared. I'm wondering if my eel actually ate them or if they were just at the end of their life span?

Doc Hammer

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Can't do much with a tusk, those teeth of their's are built for cracking through anything! Also, I'd be wary of clowns around eels, even if they are small eels.


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Any type of starfish though, like a chocolate chip? Would a chocolate chip eat the urchins?

I know about the eels- They seem really uninterested in the clowns though. The dwarf isn't big enough to eat fish their size, but I know the miliaris is. Still, the clowns were in before either of them and have been coexisting with the dwarf for 2 years and with the miliaris for 1 year. So far so good.