Iodide? Why not iodine?

Randy Holmes-Farley

Reef Chemist
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I assume that it is a typo that the iodine values are reported as iodide.

I'd be much happier if these values were reported as iodine, or total iodine (which is what they are). Iodide is neither what was tested nor the predominate form in seawater.

You may think it a trivial difference, but if you or any of your readers are trying to determine if they have natural levels of iodide (which many certainly will), the difference is substantial.
Hi Randy,

Yes, it should be total iodine and I will clarify that and correct it in the second article. The manuscript was already submitted prior to our exchange of posts about the iodide-iodine, and given some of the problems with corrections, I thought it best not to attempt to alter it in this article, but to use this as a example to explain some of the problems with the study.

So... please bear with me on this, it will be clarified to your satisfaction ( I intend to have you review the second article, hopefully at the end of next week).