Is a DSB needed/wanted in a FOWLR


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I am trying to set up FOWLR tank and since nitrates are "tolerated" more in FOWLR as opposed to a reef
do I really need a DSB ? I was planning a 6inch DSB
for nutrient export (yes I am thinking like a reefer).
I will also be having a protein skimmer, a sump and a
canister filter. Thanks in advance for any advice
I say no for the very reason you mentioned.

You didn't mention a fish list but if you have any big or messy eaters, you will have a lot of waste.

Water changes, skimming and other traditional filtration methods would be better, IMO.

Some fish burry themselves, so you may want a deeper sand bed, but not a Deep Sand Bed.
Great point I was thinking about that? But apart from skimming, water changes and some mechanical/biological filtration do I need any clean up crew to accomodated for the messy eaters ? If so could your recommend anything? thanks
First if you go with a DSB you to have the right critters to maintain it, otherwise two thing can happen. One it will get hard like cement and two wastes will develop in it and then one day your fish may dig into it and release all kinds of bad stuff into the water. So depending on what type of fish your going to have you mayn't been able to keep those type of critters.

For a cleaning crew you could try hermits or star fish but a lot depends on the type of fish your going to have.

But like aquaman67 water changes, a good skimmer and filteration will be just fine for your tank.
I think I will forget the DSB and just go with a 2-3 inch sand bed but I think the cleaning crew ie hermits or starfish could help out.
Thanks guys!!