Is cycling nessessary?


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I have a 60 gallon tank that has just recently finished cycling, and I have put a wrasse, a few shrimp, snails ad hermits in there, and even have prospering corals. I have a 40 gallon sump/fuge that i have made and it is ready to install, with Mineral mud, and kent marine biosediment, Since nothing in here was live, or producing ammonia, is it important to cycle this tank seperatly before attaching it to the current system?

thanks for the help.


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If you have LR in the tank all the bacteria needed for converting ammonia to nitrate are present. Hooking up a sump at this point will not affect ammonia levels as it produces no additional loading.


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No. Go ahead and hook it up. No need to cycle separately. Your new larger system may go through a mini cycle depending on the amount of live rock, etc.., but it should be pretty negligible. I would just test the water and make sure your mini cycle is over before attempting to add anything else. Good luck!