is this a Goniopora


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Agree on the id: definitely a Goniopora. Hard to tell from the pictures, but I'd guess it's a Goniopora stutchburyi or a similar species due to the massive growth pattern.

Moderate lighting and flow and they do like to eat. A meaty mixture supplemented with some LiquidLife Marine Plankton (the one made with Cyclop-eeze) should do well for it. Good luck with it. I've currently got 5 of them and they're one of my favorite corals, though they all have different care/feeding requirements. I will say that the one you have is a little easier to keep than some of the more common Goniopora. There was a great article a few months ago in ReefKeeping if you want to read a bit more:

It pretty much echos my results with this species as well.
I could be Gono, The question i have is what does it look like when its closed. Life Span on Gono is short, Again Good luck.
Well, i have had this coral come on some of my LR and it went through a cycle and nitrite was 30 ppm. i then changed it from a 40 gal to a 75 gal and it went through perfectly fine. i actually have 2 of these guys and i counted the tentacles there is definately 24.

The one i have pictured has doubled it's size, from when i got it. And is continuing to produce lots more polyps. i feed mysis and brine, but do not feed the coral directly. would it be a good idea to start to? Thanks for ya help

Goniopora as a genus have a bad reputation as far as captive care goes. Mainly it has to do with some of the earlier imports of G. stokesi, which are difficult to keep compared to some other species. The encrusting forms are much simpler, especially once you know their requirements (ie: feeding and proper lighting). Most of mine have put on noticeable growth in the time I've had them. Some of them are over a year old as well.
These can be kept, the most important thing here is you need to feed these at least twice a week, light and water flow are less of a factor. what most people don't realize about Goni's is that you need to treat them like a new born infant, constant care, so much so that most reefers do not have the time to care for these that much and they die after the first year.
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....light and water flow are less of a factor.
Not true. They are just as important.