Is this a lighting issue with an sps?


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I have a 120 euro brace with three 400 watt de lights. I have my aquascaping slope to the low point 20 inches to a high point of 10 inches from the surface.
My lights are mounted in the canopy 16 inches off the water surface. The bulbs are two 20k and one 10k (10k in the middle) The photo period is 20k's on for 9 hours and 10k on for 3 hours at peak day.
Here is the question, at the top of the slope I have a variety of corals, all sps/acro, and two are table type pieces. Both have amazing pe, especially at night, but they have absolutely no color and almost appear to be dirty, not brown.
I have placed egg crate thinking their is too much light, adjusted flow yet these two piece look blah.
My water conditions are on the money, I feel a variety of food periodically and the other corals in the tank, including ones that are right next to these two pieces are totaly fine.
Any ideas?