Is this possible?


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Is possible to have pyramid snails without having any clams on the tank. I have been reading and theres a really similar type of snail that feed on detritus. I want to know if this is the type that i have since i just bought a clam for the first time. And the snails has been in the tank for a long time.



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It is possible to have pyramid snails without having clams. There are thousands of different types of pyramid snails. I don't know if there is a detritus eating type, but there is a type that feeds on other snails. I am guessing that you do have other snails and if so you should check them. If there are pyramids on them you need to remove them or they will kill your other snails. My thought is that if you have anything that closely resembles a pyramid you should try to remove them from your tank. They may be clam safe now but may have a change of appitite later on.