Jabeo D.C. Pump


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So I just bought a new jabeo D.C. Pump from an eBay seller. He listed it as new in the box. However when it arrived it did not have the power box. He claims that jebao does not include one in the D.C. 15000. Is the guy nuts or does it really not come with all the parts to turn it on?


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To my knowledge, they come with the controller and everything you need to run the pump. Is this really a DC15000? Cause that is 4 versions old. It was DC, DCT, DCS and the newest is DCP. I would return it. I own a DCT 4000 and it came with the controller also.


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Yeah I would send t back. I ordered a DCT-6000 from Amazon and it came with everything. A few different barb fittings, power adapter, controller, and filter guard.

Ron Reefman

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I have several DC12000, a DC6000 and a newer DCT15000 and they all come with the power supply. This seller is crazy. However you can buy a power supply that will run it if the seller doesn't step up and do the right thing for you. Heck, I may even have a spare!