JBJ 30 Gallon Revival


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First time poster, long time reader. I have a 30 Gallon JBJ Rimless tank I purchased about a year ago and successfully cycled after a few weeks. I was able to add a small clean up crew but after that point I was really over my head with the tank, home renovations and other things going on with work that I was never able to keep the tank going. Since then the tank has sat in my basement running with some GFO (changes ever 3 months maybe) and a water change of about 4 gallons every month. Things have since slowed down and are looking to get this tank moving again.

I did some testing this week prior to trying to revive the tank, all tests were done with API Test Kits:

Temp: 80 deg
Sal. 1.028
PH: 8.2
NO2: 0
Nitrates: 20ppm

Ive since cleaned the equipment, changed the GFO and done 8 Gallons of water changes. I plan on doing another set of tests tomorrow once the new water has had a chance to mix in with the display tank water.

Is there anything else you guys recommend I should do prior to adding another proper Clean up crew and a quarantine tank with fish.


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