JD52's Clam TANK

jim norris

In Memoriam
Today I had a chance to visit JD52. I took several pictures and these are the best! His tank is just AWESOME! I would like him to tell about his system. So without any further interruptions here are some shots!
P.S. The clams are first!
That paoda looks dyed

That paoda looks dyed

lmao, What did I tell ya Jim, I knew Id get a flame job about that! Shal, wether it is or isnt, which it probably most likely is, It realy doesnt matter to me because its very healthy and doing well, when the dye is gone, Ill have a very nice speciman, I didnt buy it because it was yellow, I bought it because its a Pagoda... and for twenty bucks, what the hell! Any other comments?
Thanks for the kind words Mr294! Jim took a few full tank shots but they didnt turn out good enough for presentation. He'll be back soon so maybe next time.
60 gallon glass
36 x 18 x 22
one 250W Iwasaki (over a year old)
110W PC 10K's (this gives the tank a whiter look)
Two 95W URI 03 VHO's
55W PC 7100
DIY open back hood with dual 4' fans vente on top
Temp, a solid 80 degrees
Modified Bak Pak (Top secret)
Emperor 400 used only for flow and
occasional carbon

Dose Kent liquid calcium twice weekly
RO/DI for top off
No sump, no fuge
Thats pretty much it!
Thanks again!
Very nice looking tank :) I would also like to see some full photo. Jim couldn't you hold the camera still enought. :)