Jellyfish EvERYWHERE!


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ouch that would really hurt. ive been stung before...not fun at all
thanks for sharing
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Oh I LOVE seeing that place on TV. I'm pretty sure that's the lake that used to be connected to the ocean thousands of years ago, but lost contact with saltwater. The jellies in the lake have lost their stinging tentacles over thousands of years with no real predators. I think it would be AMAZING :D to go diving in there.

I think there's a large build up of some chemical though in the lake and you cannot go very deep. :rollface:


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haha well ive been stung by a stingray dont know what kind but i was walking at the beach and i steped on it and it poped up and it felt like a knife went into me. then by the time i got to the life guard my leg was blue and purplish ebut ya it hurt