Jetstream 1 and peri pump 4 sale


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In perfect shape, has ONLY been used in freshwater to figure out how it works - for about a week. Comes with a Cole Parmer Masterflex peristaltic pump and 12lbs of Schuran media. I'm selling it because I'm getting an reactor from the company making my tank, and I don't need two. It is a very high end reactor, and to be honest I'm not the guy to ask questions on how to use it. :lol:

Here is a long but very good thread on the reactor. I have the same high grade peri pump as you'll see most people use (tagareef, ewan, etc).

#12 of this Media

On page 6 you can see the peri pump. It is the best pump to run it.

$450 for the whole thing!

- DF
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