Jupiter Beach, FL


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Awesome place for snorkeling, best beach snorkle I have found in FL so far. was there all weekend. Was finding big green morays in rocks about 10 yards from shore at around 4 foot of depth. Definately one of those little gems not many people know about. Had a close encounter with a manatee, sea turtle and a 6ish foot nurse shark as well. About 15-20 foot visibility and was told it was just an average day. Highly recommend it, especially for anyone in FL wanting a weekend trip and not wanting to go all the way to the Keys. Also none of the jellyfish that seem to be plaguing the northern FL beaches. Ill post a few pics tomorrow.


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Fior the record i did not chase or harass the manatee, he sat there the whole time happily munching away on mangrove chutes.


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Coral Cove Park. Great place, free parking and bathroom facilities. Take a easterly turn at the light near the lighthouse and it winds around and maybe a mile down the road there is the park.


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I used to live there and I went to Duboys beach around the corner from coral cove all the time there used to be a really cool lagoon there back in the late 80s early 90s but its been destroyed by all the foot traffic now. I once found a seagrass bed full of seahorses when I was kid there but now the saegrasses are gone. Also its a great area to fish if you can get away from shore a bit. Sea turtles are a common site especially during spawning season. I remember chasing seagulls away from the new hatchings too.