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I was just wondering what exactly this club had going for it?? I thought it was just a bunch of people who get together everymonth to talk reefing and anything else that comes up. I was checking out the site and it seems to be A LOT more then that, which I'm excited about. I see that eddie's sponsors us along with numerous other sites/places. What exactly do they help us with? I thought I read somewhere that they give you guys frags and what not. So I just wondered if you people would like to input what this club has going for it. :) Like I said I'm pretty excited. Even though I feel a little outta place, with my 12g tank and I'm just assuming I'm one of the only younger people in this club. I mean no offense by that last comment. :rollface:



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I was just wondering what exactly this club had going for it??

This club has a lot of great members with a ton of useful info to give out FREE! We do have monthly meetings and are going to work on other fun events for the club. At meetings we trade/ sell frags, eat pizza and have a beverage or 3 :D and in most cases have a raffle.

Our club has a healthy relationship with Swamp bottom Aquarium and our relationship with Eddies has been great too. CDMAS is not a discount club however we try to shop our local stores and in turn they treat our club pretty good:) If you shop swamp bottom, speak to Tony, he treats our members very well. As for eddies we don't have an actual club discount but if possible talk to Matt.

The sponsor Page @ www.cdmas.org is a list of vendors who have donated items to our club so that we can raffle them for funds which we will use for club events. If you order from any of our online sponsors....it wouldn't hurt to tell them they are a sponsor of cdmas and see what they offer you.



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Thanks jallard :) I by no means thought it was a dicount club, if it came off that way I'm sorry. I didn't join in hopes to get free things or discounts at our LFS. Just wanna make that clear. :D I joined to get lots of information, meet people and to get coral from people locally since shipping costs an arm and a leg. :rollface:


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and to get coral from people locally since shipping costs an arm and a leg. :rollface:

Another great part of the club, we sometimes do large group orders to help offset the shiping. Some places do free shiping after reaching a certain total or the shipping can be distributed even to however many people join in (Our Snail Day buys, ReefMadness, etc.)


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cant go wrong. very activly involved board of the club and much events! trust me this club will be a hugh name in the comming years. i mention the club to new reefers i run into . its very informative and beneficial to the hobbiest...the LFS...and the wholesalers/ hobby in general! cant say enough of what this club has been doing recently! not to mention all members are down to earth!