Keeping Clams without a Reactor...


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Hi there,

My LFS has recently received some beautiful Crocea Clams, and was considering purchasing one for a show piece.

I currently am running a 180g reef, with metal halide lighting (900W, 10K) combined with VHOs (280W actinic), with some hard coral, LPS, and a couple of softies. I currently am NOT running a calcium reactor (though considering a DYI jobbie) and all is doing very well. Was wondering if such a clam would do well in a system without a calcium reactor???

As usual, any thoughts are much appreciated.

As long as you can maintain proper alkalinity and calcium levels by other means, it shouldn't be a problem.
System sounds good! Clams can consume calcium very fast. Watch your level.
After many years of keeping clams. I just installed my first calcium reactor.
If you get hook and start getting more clams then I would buy additives like Seachem Advantage calcium by the pound!

Thanks for the replies!, FYI, I top-off with a KW solution, and add magnesium, strontium, and iodide regularly. Thats it for now. LAst time I checked my Calcium levels, it was approx 440.

So then, I'm sold!!!

Kalkwasser works fine for me. I have 3 squamosa and 1 maxima clams in my 80G and all are growing quite fast and all stony corals are also growing well.
I don't think the magnesium, strontium or iodine additives are any good and may even be detrimental to the system. Unless you are regularly testing these levels, I would strongly advise against adding them. Most trace elements can be easily sustained by water changes.
Sounds like you're OK, just keep an eye on your alk as well. As your alk drop your Ca will actaully test higher, so you could 4have 50ca and a dkh of 6 and your clams would actually be worse off than Ca 380 and alk of 12dkh.

I use Liquid Reactor, superbuffer and liquid Ca - all by KENT, to keep my Ca and alk up. I have a 29gal with 5 clams and some stonies, the clams really used a ton of Ca.