Kind of like a skimmer


Don't ask me, I'm wrong.
Phil, no hoax. this happens around certain coastlines about every 7-10 years. and it is the same basic principle in our skimmers just foam fractionation. It also happens in almost every power plant lake though there it happens about every 2-4 years.


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that is y i love the ocean it has the biggest skimmer in the world that is bad**s it beats all of are skimmer i want one of them bad boys


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That would have to be a ton of skim to make it to the house and why is it not dissipating around the skin of the humans. Have you seen what a small amount of skin oil will do to skim? It use to shut mine down for 20 minutes after I put my hands in the tank. Is it so thick that skin oil will not make it dissipate? Touch your forehead and get some oil then touch the head of your skim and see what happens??

The last pic is a total different color and if you look closely it it seems shopped. Why does this not happen all over the world on every coast? I say chemical induced or photo shopped. IMHO---either way if it was natural skimming the nutrients/what ever would be re introduced in the next tide?? So it would be never ending


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i agree hoax. have you ever smelt your skimmer cup? now do you think you or anyone for that matter could play in all that skimmate without makeing the "who farted" face?