Latest clams not opening all the way (been three days)... click for details ;-)


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I recently (three days ago :D) bought a pair of one inch gold maximas (when viewed from top).

They extended their mantle the next day the halides were on, but never "opened" all the way. (i.e. opened their shell so I could see their syphonal valves etc.)

Is this normal for clams this big? Is it a waste of phytoplankton to feed them when their shells are closed, or would it encourage opening.

Whats up?

as always TIA
Oh yeah, the maximas are ont he sandbed about 16" from surface, with lights about 10" above that... 2x175w 10kk and 220w VHO

Depending on their size, they won't appear to open to the extent we see larger clams open. I had a 1" ultra maxima, and it took several days before I ever saw his incurrent siphon. Even then it looked almost closed - but it's nothing to worry about. It really depends on how developed the clam is. 1" is just a baby and very small!

So long as you have good photo reaction with the clam and the mantles open up, you're in good shape. I wouldn't feed phyto any more than usual. At about 1.5" to 2", I have observed both maximas and croceas appear to open up like their bigger brothers and sisters.

Just don't get dissapointed if your baby clams die suddenly for no apparent reason. Remember that mortality is uncertain at this age, but I would bet my money they'll make it given lots of TLC.