LED Lighting - Which one?


It is, what it is.
I am turning a 44g Corner tank into a FOWLR (Currently) and maybe eventually into a Reef (Many moons from now). I currently alrdy have a 75g mixed reef running.

Everything is all set (Not running) but im currently looking into LED Lighting. For now i just want to pull the color out of the future fish, but want to be somewhat reef capable in the future so i don't have to upgrade. I have to have a pendant style or flexible clip-on because of the dimensions of my tank. (Pentagon corner tank. 3 viewing angles, 2 sides against wall). 22" x 22" 24"

I really like this pendant. What do you guys think?

I also was looking at this pendant, Which is a little cheaper but may not be sufficient with the depth. I prefer the 400$ price range, especially because i do not know the long term outcome of this tank. I also looked at this light, which i like, but is very costly and am not sure is that much better compared to the extra cost. I need downward penetration, not really width.

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.


It is, what it is.
I was also curious if there was any better prices on ebay for knockoff brands that are reliable?


I have 3 of the Kessil a150w lights on my 40 breeder (36x18x17) and love them. I bought them used for around $200 each in the "used equipment selling" sub-forum. If I could have gotten away with using one fixture I would have probably ended up buying the AI Vega but I would have needed 2 and didn't want to spend that much money. Here's a pic of the Kessils on my tank.



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I have the Ecotech for my FOWLR. It is very expensive but it does a great job with the with the different selected colors highlighting the moving fish. I had the reefbrite before, I thought it was great also.

good luck