LED Placement Q

I have 3 50W 20000K chips on my 150G, My Cree RB dies due to overheating, Power supply died. My Zoa's are receeding, so I got 24 Cree RB to re install. Question is, Should I group them around the 50W Chips, or Space the Cree's out along the fixture? 40"L fixture. Wanting to get started on it today. I have 80* Optics for the XT-E Chips as well, Not sure if I'll need? Controlled by Apex, one set of 12 RB I am hoping to use for Moonlights at 10% brightness too.

Basically placement is my main Q


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Put them wherever YOU want..
Weigh the "pros" and "cons" of each choice and decide what choice is right for your setup..

Hopefully you have improved the heatsinking to avoid overheating them in the future..