Light q?


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I want to upgrade my light. I currently have 4x110W Super Actinic R VHO and 4 x 65 PC 10k daylight. I want to upgrade to metal halide with maybe T5/VHO/PC actinic supplement. I want a complete kit with fans and moonlights and everything. I am willing to spend up to 1k for this since I think light is incredibly important. I don't want to hang it from the ceiling so the kit should have some sort of leg mounting kit with it. Please if you have any thoughts or recommendations that would be great. The dimenions of my tank are 48x15x18. It is a 60G at 18" depth. I wouldn't mind having the MH be that good idea? I want to keep whatever SPS I want and also my Softies (shrooms, rics, candycane, torch, leathers, xenias..).

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if you have 60 gallon tank, just go get one 250 watt mh 10k and use your existing lights as supplement then u can save tons of money. so, my suggestion one 250 halide, 4 110 watt 10k vho, and 4 65 pc actinic. I think just changing the vho bulbs and pc bulbs would not make you spend almost 1000. go to and they have good deal for mh 250 watts or 400 watts. I assume you have 60 gallon, this lighting would be enough.


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Hmm..that is a problem since my PC bulbs and VHO are crammed in my canopy. Here is a picture:


I am not sure how I can add a MH to this.