Alternative to BioCube 29


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I've been running a BioCube 29 for 18 years with an aftermarket LED setup and have had 2 clowns in there since day one. I've been fighting hair algae, cynos and other "junk" for about 1.5 years with no great results, and have tried most everything. I've read that old lighting and old sand/rocks could be a culprit so I think I may start from scratch. The tank is scratched up and I have plenty of live rock that needs to be seeded and have access to a really nice light. I have an outboard UV filter as well as an outboard reactor. I like the BioCube setup with the sump in the back, and modified mine to put in a vertical filter box. I don't (won't) want to spend 1k on a Red Sea. Any suggestions or should I just buy a used or new BioCube and just do open top to use the light I have access to?
Thanks for the help.
Plenty of nice set ups for below the 1k mark. Depends if you want to stick with AIO or a sump system.

I run a Biocube 32 with the hood off and a separate light with a Kraken screen lid.

Other brands to consider besides Red Sea are Innovative Marine, Waterbox, Cade, Fluval and NanoCube.
Thanks for the input. Only thing I saw that looked close to what I want is a JBJ, and have seen some really bad reviews. A used BioCube 32 may be the best option if I can find one without scratches, and just do open top.