Lighting for new tank.....


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Im looking at changing my tank situation. I want to have a custom tank built measuring 24x24x18. However, Im trying to figure out how to light it. Right now, I have a 150w metal halide and two HO 24w T5's.

So, the three ideas that im considering is......

1) running the 150w with two HO T5's.

2) selling the 150w and getting a 250w and just running it. I dont know how the temp of the water will be affected by this though.....

3) Running either 6 or 8 HO 24w T5's over the tank.

Suggestions Please!!!!!!!!



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If it were me, I would just keep your 150w MH and the 2 HO T5s and call it a day. That will be plenty of light in that tank for anything you want to keep, and hey you wouldn't have to spend any more money. So you can buy other fun stuff...