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I was thinking of purchasing the latest radion light fixture from ecotech which is the G6 pro. But my question is does anyone put them over a rectangular tank? I have a 29 gallon that's 30" by 12" by 18" and the radion g6 pro has a 36" by 36" light spread. I feel that if I bite the bullet, I will have a lot of wasted light. Currently I have 2 T5 HO lamps which are a pain to change since their ballasts are very fragile. Any thoughts?


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You could buy the G5 instead and save money. They have less spread.
The main difference between the G5 and G6 is light spread other than that it is a few leds that changed.

I think they should continue to offer both fixtures because for those who mount their lights higher it is tons of wasted light in the G6.
I saw Tidal Gardens just purchased the G5 instead of G6 for that reason.

Personally I am not impressed with the Radions though. I own a few of them and just do not like the light on how it looks. It just does not ever give the true colors even the pro. I am not into the black light look of the way some people like to display corals. I like some blue corals and they never look right under so much blue. plus the fixtures are kind of cheap plastic and have no aesthetics appeal. Just a cheap plastic box. if they were cheaper in price I could see it.
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They are pricey but there’s some people selling the G5s in the used goods marketplace here. That said, do they make light shields for them? I know some people custom build light shields to eliminate light spill