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are there any lion fish that are ok to have on a reef tank maybe a fuzzy dwarf lionfish or a dwarf zebra i was just wondering if anyone might have one in their tank thank you
I Believe the Dwarf lion fish is ok... They only grow up to be around 5-7 inches I believe, double check that though, I was told I could put one of those in my tank...
thank you do you thin k they will eat my cleaner shrimp and or any corals / fish i have a percula clown scotter blenny, and pigmy angel ?
A dwarf lion will eat any fish or shrimp that fits in its mouth and you would be suprised what fits into their mouths. Everything you listed besides the corals would probably become lionfish food.
It's hard to say, I'm not the best person to look to for some of these answer's, As i am myelf farelly new to this, all I can say is read, read, read because that will help you in the end the more knowledge that you have the better here is a website about fish selecting for the size tank you may have...

check it out it may help you out

Fish Selector

Here's A couple more for you to look at and read

Melev's Reef

This should get you off to a good start hopefully it helps...

remeber patience, patience, it will pay off in the end