Little Giant Pump


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I was giving a Little Giant Pump, but it is the model used for high pressure pumps, can I still use this for a return pump on a wet/dry set-up. PLease say Yes:)


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Define "high pressure pumps". What model number pump is it? If its like a pressure washer pump or something like that then its probably not suited for aquarium use.


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oh.......didn't think of that......
exacta123, my above response was assuming its an LG aquarium pump, is that right? usually the pressure rated LG aquarium pump model numbers end in "MDQ" whereas the free flow pumps end in "MDQX"


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Yep it'll work fine. As far as noise goes, my experience with LG pumps is that they're actually very quiet, but I've only had 2 of the free flow variety (3-MDQX's as sump returns...they actually replaced the above-mentioned noisy Iwaki when I moved the tank to my new house which had no separate sump room) so I can't say for sure about the pressure-rated ones. Best of luck!!