little shrimp.


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Hi, i recently posted something about little shrimps in my tank that looked alot like ghost shrimp. Then some one brought up the Mysis vs mysid discussion and i thought that my mystery was solved. But today i saw one of the shrimps come out when the lights where on and they are red!. They look alot like ghost shrimp. but are the same color as peppermint shrimps. I would try to take a photo but they are just too small and do not come out very often. Any ideas?. Thanks.


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I had red mysis once that came with a shipment of macro gracilaria. They did'nt last long though as my fish ate them despite me trying to keep them in an in tank fuge.

I think they were mysis I don't remember for sure but they were small and red. They sent them free with the algae and said they stay that small. They did look like they would be babies of peps or cleaners but were full grown.
I'm guessing thats what you have.