Live Rock......Hmmmm??????


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I am fairly new to the reef aquarium hobby. I do however have a 85gal fish only salt tank that I have had set up for quite some time (approx. 4yrs). I am now wanting to convert it to a reef tank and I have been reading alot about the live rock. There are a few questions that I currently have.

They are:

How much live rock can you put in a tank at one time without it being a problem? I have read that you don't want to overload your tank all at once. You want to go in stages. So if I was adding 80lbs of live rock to my tank I would want to add 40lbs then wait a month or so and then add another 40lbs. Is this correct??? or can I add it all at once.

If I was to add baserock to my tank to keep my expense down what ratio of base rock to live rock should I use?

Even if live rock is comes to you precured from say, Tampa Bay Marine, do I need to cure it for a period of time before I add it to my tank?

That is what I have for now, any information would be greatly appreciated.
I would add all the rock at once.
Base Rock vs Live Rock...the cost between the two is "only" 1~1.50 per lb...I would just get all can look at a 70/30 ration (30 base)..if you are in a hurry...or (30 LR) if you have patience as the base will eventually become "live"....
curing...yes...even though its "cured"...the 24 hours wrapped in a wet will/might get some die-off....regardless...I would except a mini cycle.
I would NOT put all the rock in there if you intend on keeping your fish in there aswell....I would suggest a "holding" tank for your fish while you get the rock settled in....and then start adding the fish.......