Live Rock w/o a heater


New member
Do you think it would be ok to go ahead and put my live rock into my tank without a heater in it? Right now it is out in the garage in rubbermaid tubs with a powerhead in it. I wanted to go ahead and start putting it in the tank now that its almost full. I have not bought a heater for it yet and the water is at room temp. What do you think?
I have never had a heater on my tank ever. It was up for 2 half years with no problems. It never really gets cold here in fl. lol
I rarely set up heaters on my tanks, usually for a couple months in the winter. Besides that, my tanks are fine on temp for anything, yet alone the hardy live gotta think that those rocks are shipped through a few countries over days of time with just newspaper wrapped around them...they bacteria will do fine in a wide range of temps.