Livesand and the science?


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Well, Im tearing down my 90g and setting up a 5.5g pico. The sand is a little dirty, its lost alot of its color over time, and now is a tanish white rather when bright white. Can anyone explain the process of taking a few cups of this sand and bleaching it to use in my 5.5g. I know it will lose all its 'live' properties and im ok with that.


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I have no idea if this will work for sand but this is the directions I have followed for rock. Soak in a container as followed.

2 days - 50/50 water/beach

2 days - water

2 days - water w/ baking soda

3-4 days - water

For the days soaked with fresh water I changed the water daily and used a different container for the final water soak.