Livestock consolidation


In Memoriam
Planning to move next month, and thinking of consolidating my tanks.

Possible fish:

Mated Black Saddleback clowns $100 never see black saddles as is. Female is 5" least.
Mated tomatoes 3" $70 OBO
6" sleeper goby eats a whole frozen cube in a flash. $50
smaller sleeper goby $20 OBO
Sohal tang eats brine/mysis very active. $40
B&W clown misbar $50
hi-fin gobies great for a nano $20/e
tangaroa gobies. great for a nano $20/e
GSM pair in 10gal 2-3" each. $150 awesome for a nano had over a yr havent grown at all. Never had a pair this small before.

All at listed price or OBO.


Zoanthid/SPS Killer
I'd be interested in the smaller sleeper gobie and the two other small ones. Let me know when you'd like to have them out.


In Memoriam
Everything is stilla vailablke still pondering what to do, an hoping my Black saddleback female gets better this pop-eye is crazy