Longnose hawkfish vs. Shrimp


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So we have finally started adding things to the 92 bow, and we have a shrimp/goby pair that went in last night. The goby watches out for the shimp like crazy - if you move past the tank, they shrink back into the den. Very cool to watch, I highly recommend getting them.

Anyhow...we had given thought to getting a longnose hawkfish for in this tank, but we're not sure if he will try to go after the pistol shrimp (and before someone asks, I don't know what kind of shrimp it is - Brian may chime in here.) Would the goby defend the shrimp, keeping it from being eaten, or will the hawkfish prevail and make a snack out of the little guy?


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Could go either way Moriah. Hawkfish will potentially ambush most anything smaller than they are, fish or invertebrate. At least that's been my experience. I had a 55 many years ago....I was acclimating a pygmy angel (cherub) and when i dropped her in the tank my longnose hawk shot out of the rockwork and grabbed her. I've never seen a fish move so fast. He let her go eventually, but it was crazy to see.


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What kind of pistol:D?

They can be nasty little buggers, so it could be iffy. In the goby's defense, it doesn't allow much freedom of motion around it without retreating, so they are pretty quick back to the hole. Jenn's Alpheus sp. pistol doesn't come out much and never gets further than a few inches from the hole. It only ventures that far when the goby is way out of the hole (another oddity in our case). Goby/shrimp pairs are tons of fun:).