Looking for a free Mantis


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Ok guy's and Gal's .....

My son, who is into reefing now for about 1 yr.... has come to my house and saw that i have a Mantis tank......

Since he is the one who got me into this whole reefing thing, and gave me the tank to set up, along with the live rock and sandbed.... well .....

I feel obligated to see if one of you great people out here would be willing to give up a Mantis for .......free + shipping......meaning, Mantis is free but I pay the shipping charges...

So if there is a kind hearted person out there that is willing to help me / us out..... just let me know @ R.Mortell@att.net

Thanks for listening ..... and please dont flame me ....


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What ..... 18 views and no posts .....???

Someone out here has to have a spair shrimp they would like to get rid of ... dont they??



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You may try offering to pay people for the mantis too....or wait for some one to post that they found a mantis in their tank and dont want it. It is hard to find a person that will just give up the their mantis (especially in this forum :D ).

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Does it matter what species it is? I can get them for free all day long off the shrimp boats that dock here! I can see if I can get a boat captain to grab a few of them fresh from the net before they throw them back! You'll have to cover the cost of shipping though! If interested email me at bigdaddy@gt.rr.com


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Still looking

Still looking

well every lead so far has fallen through ...... So now onto week 12 .... of the hunt for the great Mantis ...

Anyone .... ?

Will pay for him / her and will pay shipping to Illinois ... would like a peacock but any Mantii will do .....


B ..... :cool: