Looking for a Mantis Shrimp!!


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Hi everyone,
I am looking for a Mantis Shrimp, if anyone have it, please reply my message here. I am living in Seattle area, and I am thinking to put one in my Sump/Refugium. I will pay for the shipping and of course the mantis shrimp also. Please contact me if you have one now.
And also, would it be ok if I put the Mantis Shrimp in the Sump/Refugium? I have a 20 gallons Sump/Refugium bulit by myself, I am thinking that will be much easier to have the shrimp inside. The refugium have some live rocks and some micro alges inside. If that won't work out, I can just set up a new 10 gallons tank for him. I just don't know which will be better?
hi reefhobby

i would get a 10 gal for him as they can bulldozer alot of substrate when they want to and it might disturb the other critters youve already got and cause some troubles and an animal that can break a glass tank which is connected to your reef tank might not be a good idea.

ive got a 20" x 14" x 16" tank which i think is a great size for a mantis as i can have a very deep substrate with a lot of depth for aquascaping it with live rock. etc. it cost me $80 and is made of very thick glass.

if you want more info then email me and ill try to help the best i can.

good luck
Thank you ISFRAEL!! I don't have any other question now, but I may have lots of questions later if I get the Mantis. I will ask you if I need help! Thank you!
im happy to help.
ill answer any question if i can or if not there any many people here who will be more than happy to help.

you can do a search for stomatopods or mantis shrimp on the web or checkout the following sites:



let us know when you get one!

ask around your local aquarium stores and youll find that most of them can get you one but it might take awhile so be prepared to wait.
ive been waiting nearly 2 months for one since my last one died.
ive found a great store near my that always keeps an eye out for me and calls whenever they can get me one.
im in australia and it seem to be alot harder to get them over here than it does in america so look out for them.
look at the racer_bob's post. hes apparently got a mantis shrimp that he wants to get rid of. Ask him if he'll send it to you.

if he got rid of it or its not the species you want i can get you three different species which is...

Ciliated Mantis-Pseudosquilla ciliata
Philippine Mantis-Gonodactylaceus mutatus
White Mantis-Oratosquilla calumnia

i also can get...

Spiny Brittle Star-Ophiocoma erinaceus
Blue-Eyed Rock Crab-Percon affine

straight from hawaiian waters

I can have my supplier ship directly to you. which will lower the cost for the items.
We've got one. Just finally saw the little bugger today myself. My wife has seen it before. It is coming out of our main tank tonight and going into a 10 gallon until we figure out what we want to do with it. All I have seen of it has been a deep green with a bright blue circle on it's front sides with a white ring around the circle. My wife says that the tail has neon orange perpendicular stripes on it. I just hope that I can catch him. He has been in the same spot for about 2 days now.

I woudl guess it is about 3-4 inches long.
Hi Agilecrus,
I know what Gonodactylaceus mutatus looks like, but I have never seen the other two kinds. Do you have any picture that can show me?
I am thinking to put two of them together in the same tank, would that be ok?

Hi nickbuol,
Are you willing to sell yours? Sounds like yours is pretty, and good size too. If you are willing to sell yours, could you write me the email, and the price for it. And I will get another different one from Agilecrus if it's ok to have two together.
two together is not a good idea! pretty solitary animals.

roy caldwell told me that a mantis will attack another mantis during the molt which of coarse they have to do once a month or so. you might lose one at this time which would be a bummer after you just paid for them and shipping etc.

get 2 little tanks or divide a larger one in 2.
Oh...Well! Ok! I will just get one for now, if I can handle it, I will think about to divide the tank.

So...nickbuol, will you sell yours? If not, I will buy it from Agilecrus then.

ISFRAEL, do you know how the other two kinds mantis looks like?
OK! I got it! That's a weird looking mantis...:confused:!! Is that one a Ciliated Mantis?? What about the White Mantis??
Sorry for keep bothering you, if you are busy now, I can wait until you have time:D!!
i sent you pix of
Ciliated Mantis-Pseudosquilla ciliata
Philippine Mantis-Gonodactylaceus mutatus

i dont have a pic of
White Mantis-Oratosquilla calumnia

sorry i cant help with that one right now.

maybe agilecrux has a picture of it?
We caught the bugger last night. Wasn't too bad either. he was in a smaller piece of live rock in what I would call a cave (only 1 exit), which was nice so that I knew that he couldn't come out of more than one hole. We got him out and he is not in a 1 gallon hex tank my daughter had for a beta fish she had a few years ago.

If someone wants him, let me know. He is pretty cool, and I see why some people are interested in them, but I would rather have him gone.

I have no idea what these guys go for, or how I would ship. I have a "cool pack" that our last additions to our tank came in, and a container, but what type of bag would I put him in? I've never shipped a shrimp like this before. I have shipped fish, and they do well with a little stress coat, etc, but I would hate to have this guy get out of the bag or something....

Let me know people's ideas. If nobody wants him in about 7 hours (when I go home for the day, and before the fireworks tonight), he is going to go bye bye....
I'll take the Mantis...

I'll take the Mantis...

I'll take the Mantis from you. In the process I will pay you for it. You can see my website for more information. The Url is below.
If you have any questions Email me dwright@backlashx2.net


I currently do not have any pictures of any Mantis shrimps. I will have one in the near future when I get a shipment in of them. Another thing that I will be doing on my website is that I will have individual pictures of each of the mantis shrimps that i will have for sale. This way you can see exactly what type and coloration of the Mantis before a purchase.
Hi Agilecrux,
nickbuol has gave out his Mantis to his local friend, so I may need yours now. I really like the colorful one, those green and blue ones. If you get the shrimps, just don't forget to email me FIRST:D, so I can get to pick first...:D
Hello Agilecrus,
Do you have any idea when are you going to get your mantis shrimps? I just can't wait for getting one now!! :D
hey agilecrux

i dont suppose u wanna send one over to me in australia do ya?
im waiting for a new one still! (nearly 3 months)
goin crazy over here with my 2 empty tanks, there is just so much one man can take looking at the same anenome day in day out and not get bored.