Looking for acrylic buffing company in LA


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anyone know of a company i can send my tank to? I have a 350 gallon that needs some work and I have no time for elbow/knuckle busters and novice products...

Thank you!!


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Bump. These guys are super reasonable on the price but the drawback is that you have to tear down your tank and bring it to them.

Does anyone know of a repair shop that travels to the tank?


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You might try a guy by the name of Dave Morris. He isn't a tank guy and I haven't used him for my tank but he did some windows for me that now look amazing. He mostly does airplanes but I know he is a little slow right now. He is pretty mobile and is out of Chino. You can PM me for his number if you're interested. On a side note, I will NEVER personally polish my tank again. Talk about a freaking nightmare


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I talked to Dave and he doesn't come to people's place of business or house. You've got to break the system down and bring to him. Nice guy tho.