Looking for Mantis for custom Nano


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I am pretty good with acryllic and was thinking about custom building a mantis tank for my desktop.

I basically want the meanest, fastest mantis killing machine there is. Should I go peacock or what? Where can I get it.

I will have about 10-20 gallons and I'm thinking pretty thick acryllic. You thin 1/2 inch will work. I don't think it could break that could it? It would have seperate sump/fuge, LR, and basically everything I would need. What kind of lighting should I use?

I just wanna see that thing tear some stuff up. What else could I put in there?

It seems that the big-guys are O. Scyllarus which are also fairly common at dealers, L. Maculata for a HUGE spearer, or G. Chiragra which are extremely heavily armored.

1/2" Acrylic I would think would handle just about anything, but 3/8" would probably be fine also.

Watching them in action is great fun but I'd caution feeding them something potentially deadly to them like a cephalopod, large lobster, or trigger...?!? Sure it would be a great fight, but I wouldn't ever chance losing a pet over it. Also there's the waste product and tank pollution to consider afterwards.