looking for semi-perm coral attachment method.


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looking for a semi-perm way to mount corals. I'm sick of my snails and crabs knocking over my corals. but I dont want to superglue them because i need to be able to move them as i add rock.. and i like to re-arrange my tank from time to time. any idea's?
mount ur frags on a pc of tonga ....u can wedge it to stay then move when like......u van use ltonga like sticks and stickem around them un stickem

Seems to work for me, though i had a crab that was on roids and he used 2 bench press the tonga sticks and mess up the place ever now and then.

Hopes this helps
Super glue isn't really that permanent. I have removed and remounted my glued frags. As long as it hasn't encrusted it is easy to move.
Cool, Right now I wedge mine between two rocks, But I have 3 of these really large turbo tonga snails and like stlsaltwater said, they bench my 20 lb rocks like nothing!
I wedge things where i can. but i've got two of those large turbo's also.. maybe i'll try just a dot or so of superglue.. it would be nice if we had some sort of clay that way reef safe. but then again clay and water dont mix well. maybe tank silicone?
I glue them to small chunks of rock that are bigger than "rubble" the pieces are usually about the size of the palm of a hand

the snails cant knock it over cuz the rocks are too big, but theyre still relatively small and can be placed wherever

you could always use that putty stuff, but I hate that stuff, it doesnt hold very well and looks silly

edit: when I do HAVE to use the putty, usually for acro frags, I fill a "hole" in my live rock with the putty and just push the frag into the hole
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.. it would be nice if we had some sort of clay that way reef safe. but then again clay and water dont mix well. maybe tank silicone?

There is a reef safe "clay". It's a two part putty called Aqua Mend that they sell at Home Depot.

I let my frags encrust on a small rock then I use the Aqua Mend to attached the rock. It will break off if you use a little force and want to move it.

Not sure how reef safe this really is, but I will often "glue-gun" stuff together. It's quick and painless for me and soft enough to be non-permanent. That I know of, it has never been a problem.

The only draw back is that if you are not careful, you will see the silicone looking blob.
well i ended up just putting a dab of super glue on the bottom of the rocks the frags are glued to. hopefully i left enough room to pry the frags off.
or maybe the corals to the turbo's.. maybe i could put little shock collars on them. may just ring the corals with that fence they use for dogs.. barbed wire/razor wire might be good too.