lots for sale


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I need to do this in phases, so basically the order will go:

live rock
fish and critters
live sand

when livestock is gone, all hardware will go.

I will list everything locally with you guys first. If you feel my price is high on something, please do not point it out, just move on. If something does not sell for a while I will get the idea.

If you are interested in something, just send me a pm with the ITEM(S) IN THE TITLE OF THE PM!




male bluethroat trigger $50
4" achilles tang $150
6line wrasse $10
scarlet-banded shrimp (2) $5 ea
blenny (might keep, $5 otherwise)
yellow banana wrasse $25
1" maroon clown $10
sand sifting star $5
tons of snails and crabs 25% of whatever they are in store




~150# nice rock, $2/#. Some has zoas on it, some has hair algae, most is clean

live sand full of life and pods about 100# all for $50


150g 6' tank with cherry stand and matching canopy. Dual overflows. Will include all overflow plumbing, 30" sump with dual sock holder, and whatever plumbing you want underneath. Lots of big ball valves and disonnect$$ $1000

4x canopy fans w heat sensors small $20 all

new unused Aqua Medic Twin ReefDoser $225

3x SE MH setup. 3x Blueline ballasts, 3x LAMBenarc reflectors, 3x 175w XM bulbs, (2 20k, 1 15k) used 3 months $300

Neptune AC JR with temp + ph probes. ph probe is different brand few months old. Newer style $125

Neptune DC-8 $100

36" sump with 2 sock holders. Drilled for outlet pump $40

Dolphin Ampmaster 4700 just overhauled by Dolphin not too long ago, SP3000 I think is the model $150

ITech Cone skimmer - Medium with better Tunze pump $500

Tunze ATO, sometimes pump is louder than it should be (I think, it has always sounded like this since new), but works flawless. $120

2x 72" actinics setup complete with IC ballast + URI bulbs $125

Brute cans (4) 32g + 44g $15 each

TLF Phosban reactor with pump $30

lots of Rowaphos, other phosban media, lots of carbon, I will put quantities and prices when I sort through what I have.

DIY calcium reactor body and eheim gauge $40

40w Gamma UV. New bulb and sleeve $150

Tunze 6100 x 2 with hd magnets $375 for both

Tunze 7095 multicontroller $150

Lg magfloat $10

Hanna low range photometer. Bought new, used 10x, all the packets included. $150

I know I have more that is all I can think of right now, its been a rough week

TRADE? I need a MH light for my 29g tank. thanks



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I will take your trade offer of all that for a metal halide for your 29g tank.

let me know what kind you want.



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TLF reactor was wrong, it is the Bulk Reef Supply model and has a small insuffiecient Maxi on it, 600 I believe. Much better than TLF

hanna meter pending
bluethroat pending


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thanks.. he is the reason it is so hard to break the tank down, he's the best

I really need to move the ROCK. Nice shapes and sizes, covered in coraline. If anyone buys the entire lot of rock I will throw in a BONUS frag of Nuclear Green zoanthids. Minimum 4 polyps.


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OK, all of the rock is gone, I am going to go through the PMs now for those waiting to hear back from me about items with your name on them.

Please reply to the pms asap so I can take the tank down and start unloading the hardware.



live rock
hanna photometer
BRS reactor and some media


6line wrasse
banana wrasse
bluejaw trigger
both scarlet shrimps
all live sand

livestock available:

sand sifting star $5
achilles tang $150
snails and crabs 25% of retail, free with any purchase over $100

hardware available, will get to this, lots and lots, more than listed